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THEVENIN philippe - 02.01.2018 12:25:
best wishes Aexander and for your family for 2018, a fan who follows you since the beginning, as well heaven42 and TDH DRIVER I wait impatiently for the continuation of TDH, cordially, fifitalo !!
TDHDriver - 18.12.2016 13:30:
Hi Tony! Thank you for your message! I just became father about month ago, so music is not in priority now :) But I'll try to make something for you :) What is your facebook account?
All the best to you and your family also!
Tony Z - 14.12.2016 04:10:
Hi, Alexander. Hope your doing well. Still listening to that short power ending on Endless Galaxy - and craving for more..:)

Happy Holidays To You And Your Family...!!!
TDHDriver - 22.09.2016 13:29:
Hello, Gabriel! Thank very much for your positive opinion! Its a very important for us to know our listeners thoughs :)

Gabriel Nadler - 15.09.2016 09:04:

It' me again. After listening to your latest song SINNER, I became speechless. Absolutely brilliant work especially Pavel Panchenko Remix. I have recognised that this one is the best song I have heard recently.

TDHDriver - 27.06.2016 17:21:
Thank you for your message, Pasi. Im glad that you like these songs. Thanks a lot also for your support! Diamond Rain is no more since 2011, im sorry, but it will be no new songs from Diamond Rain.
Best Regards
Pasi Timonen - 17.06.2016 04:34:
Can't stop stup listen Diamond Rain. I'm happy to all thouse Albums what you re-make. I listen thode right now.
Hope we hear Diamond Rain in future. It's best what you make and it's always will.
Thanks you for the EP songs and i don't mind, if i'm one that who put Diamond Rain kick ass.
I love that Diamon Rain Project and i wanna pay that. I wanna more!!!!
All the best from Finland. I gest you know who :)
- Pasi
TDHDriver - 28.03.2016 17:58:
Thank you very much for your support, Tony! I think we need to make enought tracks for album first :) Hope some label will give us chance to release it :)
Tony Z - 28.03.2016 01:57:
Thank you for responding Alexander.
Get Mirko to help you and Marek Kolodynski for the album. Mirko was super nice and made mention of me on his first album - Obsession. I'm also very good friends with Marek and he is coming to Italy in May for the 30th year Italo Disco anniversary. I live in Toronto, Canada and he and I spoke on the phone and I might be going also. I really hope an extended mix is something that would be fabulous. The sound quality and the separation is top notch. I will listen to Ocean of Stars as well. Thanks again...Tony.
TDHDriver - 27.03.2016 20:45:
Hi Tony Z! Thank you for such opinion, we are really glad to hear that!
If you like "Endless Galaxy", I think you should check our track called "Ocean Of Stars", it will be available at April on our CD-Single "Just Tonight" - it has a bit the same style and power ending :)
If we ever have time to make enough songs for album, i think i will make extended version of Endless Galaxy
All The Best,
Tony Z - 27.03.2016 20:14:
Hi, Alexander and Irina. I'm becoming a big fan of yours. I want to say that my favorite track (other than strong to fight) is Endless Galaxy. I want to specifically point out section 5:11 that I felt was just spectacular and made me melt - can't stop playing those last 20 seconds. I was just so hoping to hear more of that but the song quickly faded out. I thought it took the track to another level of brilliance....Tony
Андрей - 16.03.2016 21:14:
Понял спасибо за ответ.
TDHDriver - 16.03.2016 13:55:
в цифровом релизе 2015г её нет, а в 2010-м умельцы сами делали накатки из тех обложек по ссылками ниже, у меня их нет
Андрей - 15.03.2016 22:43:
Интересует накатка на диск.
TDHDriver - 14.03.2016 08:57:
Андрей, спасибо! Там по ссылке и фронт обложки должен быть, старый комп у меня сейчас нет возможности включить, но я нагуглил обложки с самого первого релиза 2010г.:
Андрей - 12.03.2016 10:50:
Можете поделится обложками,буду покупать альбом по ссылке которую вы дали,там наверно только музыка.
TDHDriver - 11.03.2016 17:19:
Да, лежат где-то на старом компе. Сейчас во всех интернет магазинах есть цифровой релиз Diamond Rain - Take My Love, на обложке надпись Deluxe Edition, это релиз прошлого года с улучшенным звучанием и сведением
Андрей - 09.03.2016 23:51:
А сохранились ли все обложки к альбому Diamond Rain ‎– Take My Love?
TDHDriver (Alexander Bez) - 31.08.2015 17:19:
Понял,спасибо за ответ.
TDHDriver - 31.08.2015 07:48:
я точно не скажу, не я делал, автор обложки - Dr. Crack (Велин Генов)
кстати зачем подписываться моим именем? :)
TDHDriver (Alexander Bez) - 28.08.2015 18:27:
С какими шрифтами сделана обложка к альбому My Fantasy World ?
friends - 04.08.2015 23:16:
Angel Camacho - 26.07.2015 23:35:
Gracias TDHgr
TDHDriver - 22.05.2015 16:29:
Thank you, kaposi1. We have some financial troubles now, so i have to work more than ussual. Sadly, there is no time for music :( I think next release we'll make lossless only available for money, cause we really need support. MP3 Release will be available for free.

Thank you for understanding.
kaposi1 - 15.03.2015 17:36:
Dear my friends!
Not only the musics example value but his quality very very good!!!!!!!!


I say thank you for it to you very much that downloadable these fantastic songs.
I would like to come in for the new songs in this the in the distinguished quality.

Angels Of The Night :)

Best Regards : Laszlo Kaposi from Hungary
TDHDriver - 01.02.2015 19:46:
Thank you, Gabriel! it's a pleasure for us to hear such words! We will try to mix a different styles of italo disco in our future songs, we hope to release it in the next 2-3 months! Hope you'll like too! ;)
Gabriel Nadler - 24.01.2015 20:25:
Hello everyone there,

I just want to let you know that I like your music very much. Especially I had a chance to listen to your album entitled SATURDAY NIGHT over and over again.
Endless galaxy is a masterpiece. That is my favourite track.

Kind regards